What is Frottir? Who are we?

The Frottír Creative Group Association is an artistic and creative group with a socio-critical streak. We would like to direct the public’s attention to cultural and social problems and show their contexts.

Our goal is to accomplish more and more own initiatives and projects in collaboration with other organisations, and to express our views by taking part in competitions.


To achieve our goals we organise various artistic happenings (see Projects) and we join community, cultural and civic movements which are close to our hearts.


How has Frottír come about? – History

In the spring of 2006, a group of friends entered a poster competition. We had found working together so effective that we decided to collaborate in other artistic competitions. The group has chosen to enter competitions which are in line with their above stated goals.

In the summer of 2007, the Frottír Creative Group Association was registered as a public benefit non-governmental organisation. More and more people has joined our ranks ever since. The list of accomplished and ongoing projects has also grown.


What do we do?

To be in Frottír, in fact to be a Frottír is a defining state of being for us. After the poster designs of the early days, we now try our hands at other artistic fields. We have made photo strips, short films, decors, guerilla campaigns, exhibitons, documentaries, posters, street art and a webpage. (See Projects)


The Frottirs

We also do many interesting things when not working together in Frottír: our members are designers, graphic artists, teachers, film makers, building engineers, sound engineers, events organisers and barmen. What we have in common is a great desire to express our creativity and to do something - after all, you need a first kick to get the ball rolling.


Those who trust us

We have good relations and work together with several organisations. We hereby say thank you and introduce them here: